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Nepal tourism struggling still to recover after disasters and Indian blockade

Nepal tourism struggling still to recover after disasters and Indian blockade

Nepal tourism struggling still to recover after disasters and Indian blockade

NEPAL tourism in the popular trekking, tour, rafting, adventures destination of south asian country as well as in the world because nepal has a top highest mountain mt. Everest. nepal has been struggling to get back on its feet after being sad and bad situation by last year’s quake and Indian blockade.

According to the the field staff in tourism, they are saying the pace to recover the situation on nepal is really slow which means it might take another few years to recover completely .About 70 % tourist who come to nepal go to trek and hiking as it is really cool pregame when you are in nepal.

The tourism has been trying to get back to the normal business to nepal by launching discount schemes and other so many especial offer advertising and trying to provide best service and local hospitality. nepal tourism need to make their fast pace rather than very slow to recover soon and to make our tourism industry as good as we had before.
dear all if you are planning your trip this year or next as you are thinking make your trip might be in nepal such as trek, hike, tour, home stay, city tour so on so your small holiday helps to make our tourism industry in the previous situation.

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