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Flooding in Terai region (south part of Nepal).

Flooding in Terai region (south part of Nepal).

Flooding in Terai region

Dated 13, Aug, 2017 There was massif natural disaster which directly effected Thousands of people, Livestock, House and Many Rare wild animals. The north side of Nepal which is border of china and Tibet is very high area similarly slope down till mid part of Nepal and the south is very low compare to North side therefor when there is rain in monsoon(June, July and Aug), there is always problem to the south lower parts of Nepal this is what it happened 3 days ago.

However, the situation of Flooding victims is getting better and many helping hands helping them what ever they and and also government giving some relief budget to each effected families. Monsoon is always a painful months for those people who used to live to Terai region.

Sauraha Chitwan is a popular wold life national park which is also effected from flooding and many wild animals were destroy which is really sad and this events might disappoint to some tourist who were planning to go to Chitwan national park but it is natural disaster we never know and it will be recover very soon when the level of water goes down, so if you are thinking to help the people who are directly effected than you better to visit Chitwan and stay few days with them that will be your great help ever thank you and once more Nepal is safe country for travelers, what had  happened  was in some small part but Nepal is safe to travel.

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