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How to hire guide and porter in Nepal

How to hire guide and porter in Nepal

How to hire guide and porter in Nepal it is quite common question for all travellers to know the actual guide who can explain all information and feel more safe, so ,Nepal has so many trek and tour agency and there are so many poor people working as a guide and porter for someone , haring a guide and porter is a easy way to contribute to the person who are poor and it’s also cheaper for you to make your holiday.

Guide should be license holder and there are some categories such A great guide, B great guide, C great guide:

A GREAT guide cost: (He speak fluent English and some specific language) – 40 USD a day

B GREAT guide cost: (He speak god English but not really smart but he can guide and explain all you need)- 30 USD a day

C GREAT guide cost: (He speak basic English but experienced) – 20 USD a day

Porter comes guide cost : (Who speak basic English and also he carry your bag less than 10 kg) – 18 USD a day
Porter:( He carry your bag 20 or less than 20 kg) – 17 USD a day

T0 hire a guide you should choose one freelance website or you go and check to the local small treking agency who will provide you guide and porter easily .

if you are really looking for your local experienced guide to your Himalaya holiday trip , you should talk to him, you should ask his profile and check it out his reviews than you decide he is god and suitable for you not, even though there are so many social media which you can use straight and check his language and way of talking, it might help you to get professional guide for ex: hit this link for professional Himalaya guide in Nepal.

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